X Shift Gearboxes are focused on constructing, production and servicing the sequential racing car gearboxes for customers all over the world. Their main goal is to provide products of the top quality, performance and safety. They build their gearboxes in their own workshop with their own tools and machines.

X Shift specialize in the production of racing gearboxes. For more than twenty years they have manufactured the gearboxes for racing cars and thanks to their acquired experience with the most advanced technologies , they are able to deliver to their customers products of the highest quality for unrivaled prices. For the production of the racing gearboxes they utilize CNC 5 Axis machines and WEDM CNC cutting machines. Their gearboxes are manufactured from their supplied technical drawings and 3D models utilizing post processing and high speed HSM and HSS machining. By optimizing the process of semi - finished product using the iMachining method, they minimize the machining time considerably and thus lower expenses.

As gearboxes vary greatly with gearing and intended use, these are a special order item.

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