Warranty coverage only applies to work done on street vehicles. Any work done on vehicles that partake in any type of motorsports activities is done so without warranty coverage. Street vehicles that partake in motorsports activities void any warranty originally in place.

Four Star Motorsports supplies parts that are designed and fabricated for motorsports and off-road use only. Use of these products is at the consumer’s own risk.

All rebuilt engines are considered a motorsports item and treated as such for the remainder of this disclaimer.


Due to the nature of motorsports and off-roading, and its variances in conditions and use can be foreseen and therefore the safety of any person associated with use of products is out of our control and we cannot be held liable for said events or any vehicle or product failures due to unforeseen events or improper use or abuse when using products sold by Four Star Motorsports.

Modification to any vehicle by installing parts sold by Four Star Motorsports could alter vehicle’s on-road performance in the event of a crash, resulting in bodily harm or property damage. In purchasing from Four Star Motorsports, the purchaser hereby assumes full responsibility in any property damage or personal injury that may occur while using products sold by Four Star Motorsports.

Four Star Motorsports will not take responsibility for personal injury or property damage arising from failure of parts sold by Four Star Motorsports. Do not purchase or install any part sold by Four Star Motorsports if you do not agree with the above terms, and/or that you do not feel competent in installing and using safely and correctly. Improper installation can lead to personal injury or death, or property damage; a qualified professional should install all products and only skilled individuals should complete installation.

Most products are intended for motorsports and/or off-road use and may not be legal in your country, state or other type of government. Consult your owner’s manual, instructions for each product and all laws before undertaking these modifications. The owner and user are solely responsible for the legality and safety of the vehicle you modify using these components.

Any failure due to actions outside of our control, such as: other people working on the car, manipulation of tuning data/ECU, failure to follow engine break-in procedure, running low on fluids, pre-existing problems or abuse, will be solely at the cost of the owner.

If an issue arises, Four Star Motorsports should be the first contact to diagnose the problem. If other people work on or inspect the issue before Four Star Motorsports has an opportunity to, we are no longer liable for any repairs or associated costs. If Four Star Motorsports is the first to inspect and the failure was caused by the machining or assembly by Four Star Motorsports, we will either repair or replace the engine at no cost.

We do not offer any warranty expressed, or otherwise implied on any modified and/or aftermarket part/parts supplied by us. Only unmodified, stock parts will be returnable for warranty and final authorization is up to the parts supplier.