We at Four Star Motorsports are proud to be an official reseller/fitter for Custom Cages. Custom Cages manufactures the UK's best motor sport roll cages. Custom Cages manufactures thousands of roll cages for every type of motor sport from club racing saloons to World Rally Championship rally cars to historic Ferrari. The range of model applications is huge and always being updated. Roll cage can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Specializing in Subaru and Mitsubishi installs, but we can order for most makes including BMW, Nissan and more.

Custom built cages for special vehicle needs can be arranged. Please contact us for pricing and availability,

Fully certificated roll-cage designs give a distinct advantage over roll-cages constructed to minimum compliance as they are constructed using a small diameter / thinner gauge tube, thus giving a considerable weight saving.

From homologated roll cages to custom fabricated cages made in-house to suit your specific needs, Four Star Motorsports has the expertise and experience that safety demands!