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The tire price includes the Ontario Tire Stewardship fee of $4/tire. As the Stewardship fees fluctuates, we will charge the regulated amount which may be different then what is shown on our website.

GM4 - GM6 - GM8 165/80R13 $219
185/70R13 $219

T4 - T6                                  165/70R14                $249

K4 - K6                                  175/70R15                $249

K4 - K6                                  195/70R15                $273

K4 - KM4 - K6 - KM6 - K8    205/65R15                $313

K4 Reinforced                      205/65R15                $323

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Pirelli K gravel rally Tire

An asymmetric tire, for dry or damp/wet surfaces

Notable steering precision and adherence in traction and braking above all on fast roads, even at low levels of grip. The rigid structure and the dense tread pattern ensure good stability above all in fast cornering characterized by prolonged stress on the tire. The asymmetric tread pattern ensures excellent performance in traction and braking thanks to the internal blocks. The external blocks facilitate excellent directionality and high lateral grip. Available in different compounds, according to the characteristics of adherence of the ground and the weather conditions. For the hardest and most severe surfaces the K is available in a “reinforced’’ version. The features of directionality and traction are combined with resistance and integrity thanks to its reinforced structure both in the tread zone and in the sidewalls, which are more resistant to lacerations and cuts.

Pirelli KM Tire

An asymmetric tire for soft surfaces with low levels of grip

It is suited above all to damp, wet and at the limit muddy conditions. Usable also in dry conditions on inconsistent, loose or sandy ground. Less suited to compact and fast routes.
The tread pattern derives from the K. The reduced width of the tread and the pattern with more voids ensure the correct balance between performance and road holding on surfaces with a low grip.
The less rigid construction allows excellent adaptation of the tire to the ground and provides easier steering, above all on very winding routes, where a good level of adherence is needed also on irregular surfaces.
Available in different compounds for use in different weather conditions and with different levels of adherence to the ground.

Pirelli T4/T6

This not-asymmetric tire is suitable for use on inconsistent or gravelly non-asphalted surfaces, usually with low grip.
Not recommended for heavy use on highly abrasive surfaces.
The tire’s tread profile is flat with sharp edges, aiding directionality and lateral grip. Tire for gravel surfaces with flat and sharp edge tread. This aids directionality and side grip. The radial blocks guarantee top traction, especially on soft ground. It has special lateral reinforcement that protect the tire from any damage caused by impacts.

Pirelli GM Historic Gravel Tire

The Pirelli GM historic gravel rally tire is designed for classic rally cars where the homologation has expired, such as Escort Mk2, Opel Kadett, Vauxhall Astra, Peugeot 205 and many more. The GM tire features a tread pattern with 3 distinctive areas which ensures optimum performance on dry, damp, wet or muddy surfaces. This is a non-asymmetric tire.

  • Inside tread block have large grooves for high levels of grip and control under braking

  • Centre blocks provide directional stability on straights and when cornering

  • Outer blocks are specially designed to remove gravel and water in wet conditions

The GM classic gravel rally tire is available in a range of compounds to suit differing road surfaces and weather conditions.

  • GM4 - Medium compound suitable for dry conditions

  • GM6 - Medium soft compound suitable for dry and damp conditions

  • GM8 - Super soft compound suitable for damp and wet conditions

Pirelli P7 Corsa Classic


The exclusive tread of the P7™ CORSA Classic incorporates two specific designs: slick for dry conditions and grooved for the wet, drawing on and developing the asymmetrical pattern that has characterized the very best Pirelli UHP tires. An extraordinary formula to transform the tires multipurpose aspect into grip:
       • outer semi-slick for maximum lateral grip in the dry and solid center rib to ensure precise trajectories with one’s foot down
       • generous inner tread block pattern with grooves to channel water away from the contact patch.
The unique feature of the P7™ CORSA Classic is its versatility. With a single tread pattern, maximum performance is guaranteed under all weather conditions without compromising aesthetic appearance or driving comfort. The product is available in three different compounds for made-to-measure solutions under dry, damp or wet conditions. The P7™ CORSA Classic sidewall imitates the style of the original tire from the late 70s. It now features a double set of markings with corresponding road size: a necessity due to the type approval required in order to be able to take part in championship races. The sizes in the P7™ CORSA Classic range offer the sizes established during the 70s: a Pirelli exclusive for the fitment of the original sizes to some of the most prestigious vehicle models that were at the time actually developed in cooperation with Pirelli. In particular, P7™ CORSA Classic is also available with a 16” rim diameter as originally adopted by the Lancia Rally 037 and Delta S4.

Pirelli Snow/Ice Tire

J Series - Studded "Svezia" tire, with directional asymmetric design which is ideal for snow-covered and icy surfaces. The special direction of the plugs, together with the patented Pirelli studding, guarantees maximum stability and grip of the studs, even in the most extreme surface conditions. Available with "Svezia" type studding only.

W Series - Studded "Svezia" tire, with directional traction design which is ideal for deep snow conditions. The studs are fitted using a patented Pirelli technology that guarantees exceptional stability and resistance of the studding system. Available with "Svezia" type studding only.

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