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We are happy to announce the availability of 13” gravel rally tires. This is a special pre-order opportunity to gauge interest in this size of tire. We will be able to sell and ship these 13” tires to Canada and the USA, the first Maxxis tire tires we can sell in the states. Pricing will be $186 Canadian per tire, plus taxes and shipping if needed.

If you are interested, please contact us.


Engineered to attack gravel rally stages with a vengeance

  • Available in left and right side designs with either soft or medium tread compound

  • Unique asymmetric tread design allows the tire to be grooved according to rally conditions

  • Rock-deflecting shoulder blocks and reinforced sidewall design for maximized sidewall puncture resistance

  • Composite shoulder belt design improves resistance to tread area impacts and punctures

  • For Competition use only

  • Sold in pairs ONLY.