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Gulf are experts in developing high quality lubricants to keep vehicles, equipment and machinery running. Each of their products lead the market in terms of performance, technology and compliance with the latest regulations. Gulf lubricants are designed to match requirements of the most recent engines.  Mid SAPS technologies with low sulphated ash, phosphorus content are particularly adapted to vehicles with particulate filters of Bluetec (SCR) technology.  Gulf develops and produces lubricants for yesterday’s and tomorrow’s vehicles.

Gulf Max X is premium performance passenger car motor oil specially developed for the most modern high output gasoline powered vehicles to provide excellent protection against wear and deposits & sludge build-up. Available in 1L size, 5W30.

Gulf Formula G is a supreme performance passenger car motor oil formulated from finest quality synthetic base stocks and state-of-the-art additives technology. Available in 1L and 5L sizes, 5W40.

Gulf Ultrasynth X is an advanced passenger car motor oil specially developed for the most modern high output gasoline and turbocharged gasoline engines in passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, vans, and light duty trucks. These oils provide excellent protection against wear, deposits & sludge build-up and help protect engines even while operating on ethanol-containing fuels up to E85. For use in most new Subaru's. Available in 4L size, 0W20

Gulf Racing is a premium synthetic passenger car motor oil recommended for high performance, turbo or super charged gas engines. Available in 4L size, 5W50.

Gulf Syngear is a fully synthetic thermally stable total driveline gear lubricants designed to meet the demanding requirements of light duty and heavy duty commercial vehicles and off-highway equipment operating in most severe operating conditions. These are blended from synthetic base fluids and advanced technology additive system to provide unmatched protection for extended durability of driveline components. These oils possess outstanding load-carrying capability and high viscosity index to provide effective lubrication in applications encountering high-speed/shock load and low-speed/high torque conditions and wide temperature ranges. These oils possess excellent low temperature fluidity and offer improved fuel economy. Available in 946ml size, 75W90.

Competition Series

Gulf Competition RF800 is an extremely high performance glycol-based brake fluid designed for use in cars and motorbikes under racing, lapping, rallying, drift, and auto cross conditions. Not only does RF800 far exceed the requirements of the US Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 116 DOT 4, it has an exceptionally high boiling point, over 300 C, amongst the highest available in the market for glycol-based brake fluids. This feature distinguishes it from standard high performance brake fluids, as it is suitable for use even when the brake discs get so hot they start to glow orange-red. Under such high temperatures standard brake fluids could exceed their boiling point (typically 230-260C) and start to vaporize, thus seriously impairing braking performance. Available in 500ml size.

Gulf Competition Gear Oil is a competition ester based gearbox and differential oil for high performance and racing cars. Blended from selected high quality base oils and advanced performance additives, Gulf Competition provides exceptional protection against thermal degradation, component wear and oil seal deterioration. Available in 1L size, 75W140 and 75W90.

Gulf Competition Motor Oil is specially formulated for, and tested in, race and rally conditions in a variety of cars. This engine oil is based on the very latest concept of synthetic fluids, such as chemically pure esters, that have been carefully chosen to provide the maximum level of engine protection and deliver specific performance benefits vital in motor racing. This oil incorporates a top-of-the-range additive system. Available in 5L size, 15W50.