1999 A4 OEM Aluminum Wheels
$120 - 16x7, 5x112, ET45 from a 1.8T Quattro. In good condition. 4 wheels

Compomotive TH2 Wheel
$150/wheel - 17x7.5, 5x114.3, ET38. Used but in very good condition. Good for a spare wheel or to finish of a set. 1 wheel only available.

Compomotive TH3 Wheels
$60 each/$180 all - 15x7, 5x114.3, 2 are ET32 1 is ET35 Mitsubishi fitment. Very used, no leaks or cracks, may not be straight. Good for rally cross or emergency spares. 3 available.

Fast Wheels
$50/wheel - 17x7.5, 5x114.3, ET45, universal center bore, some scratches. Tires not included.

Method MR502 Wheel
$299/wheel - Subaru fitment 15x7, 5x100, ET15. Brand new. Set of 4 available.

Speedline 2118 Wheel - Ford/White
$295/wheel - Ford Fiesta R2 fitment 15x6, 5x108, ET31.5. 1 wheel only, was order for test fitment (can order more!)

Speedline 2118 Wheel - Subaru/Gold
$329/wheel - Subaru fitment 15x7, 5x114.3, ET49. Brand new. 2 wheels are last year's generation and 2
are 2018 generation, which have a reinforcement on the inner portion of the rim.