DCCDPRO INC. has been designing and perfecting DCCD Controllers since 2007. After years of modeling and testing both in the lab and on the road, they have developed a formula based system that performs remarkable in all track conditions without a need to change maps.

Motorsports Automatic DCCD Controller (Spiider) - Starting at $459

Did you swap the transmission in your car and need to control the DCCD mechanism with an intelligent solution that works on all road conditions without a need to change modes?

This product is specifically designed for swapped cars, and includes everything required for automatic and manual DCCD operation, including an advanced hardware and adaptive software design of the custom control module in a water resistant enclosure, with an adjustment knob for setting the locking force. This system is infinitely adjustable between fully locked and unlocked levels.


VSSPro - $219, if bought with Spiider unit a discount is available

This device is primarily designed to solve the problem of pre 2008 cars using a new style transmission that lacks a vehicle speed sensor.

It was designed around the Subaru platform but can also be used for a multitude of other vehicles.

Technical: The device is designed to act as a digital signal processor that can measure the frequency of the abs tone signal and convert it to a modern vehicle speed sensor signal.

The abs signal is converted to a signal that can be accurately and easily read by the vehicle’s ecu and speedometer.

This device also allows for accurate wheel size adjustment or speed calibration via a built in potentiometer.

Small, dust proof and water resistant.


Fuel Pro - $169

FUEL Pro is an aftermarket performance fuel pump controller designed for vehicles such as Subaru, Nissan and Mitsubishi. It is designed with performance fuel pumps, specially high pressure pumps or water/methanol injection pumps in mind. Here are some facts:

1- FUEL Pro prevents fuel warm up and cavitation due to fuel pump bypass and continuous operation at 100%.

2- FUEL Pro continuously adjusts the power to the fuel pump based on the demand from the ECU in comparison to OEM controller with only three levels: low, medium and high (100%) demand.

3- FUEL Pro delivers higher pump power ahead of engine’s increase in demand as it senses the ramp up of demand and adjusts with accuracy to increase performance.

4- FUEL Pro increases the life of the fuel pump compared to a bypassed pump.