This is a fully functional track car with the following:

• CASC log book
• 1.8T Audi AMU engine, freshly rebuilt and tuned (can provide leak down and comp. test)
• Large AFCO radiator
• Mocal oil cooler
• K04 turbo with exhaust manifold
• SEM intake manifold with cable throttle
• MAC boost solenoid
• Custom engine wiring harness
• Front mount intercooler
• KAAZ limited slip differential
• SQS seq shifter for synchro setup
• Megasquirt Ms3x ECU with enabled functions such as flat shift, launch control, EGT etc.
• Tablet dash with MSDroid
• Howe steering quickener, 1.5 turns lock to lock
• Seating position pushed back with adjustable tilton pedal set
• Wilwood four pot radial mount calipers with 11.75” rotors on hats
• Larger rear rotors
• Steel braided brake lines front and back.
• Adjustable front strut tops, reinforced strut tops rear to allow coilover shocks
• Bilstein shocks inverted coilover shocks
• Reinforced rear twist beam (grp. A style) with spherical bearings/bushings
• Widened front and rear track
• 60L fuel cell with upgraded fuel pump and alloy hard lines for fuel
• Corbeau halo seat (expired) with provision for passenger seat
• 8x Fast 15”x7” wheels

Asking $14,500

Contact us for more information.