Speedline Wheels For Fords Available At Four Star Motorsports?

Yes, you have read correctly. We are now able to order Speedline 2118 and 2120 wheels for the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus. These are the same wheels used on the Ford Fiesta R1 and R2 rally cars in Europe. For gravel and snow, they suggest the 2118 wheel (the one in the picture) and it is available in 6x15 (gravel) 5.5x16 (snow), ET40 and ET31.5 offsets with the 5x108 bolt pattern. For tarmac, they suggest the 2120 wheel in 6.5x16, ET31.5 offset. The bolt pattern means these wheels will fit the Ford Focus ST as well. We can even get these wheels in the 4x108 older bolt pattern.

The AP racing caliper in the picture below is Ford focused as well. We are working to develop a gravel brake package for the Ford Focus ST. We will keep you all up to date on when that will be available.