If you’ve imagined a great new project car, why not start with one of our base cars — popular, fun-to-drive models with unlimited potential and lots of terrific parts available?

Whether you do all the work yourself, have a total build completed here at Four Star or something in between, these proven performance platforms can be turned into the race, rally, rally cross, drag or potent street car you’ll be proud to drive.

Prices depend on the level of modification you seek. Whether you start small and build the car over time or shoot for the stars with a total build, Four Star can help you every step of the way.

Already have a car with great potential? We can help you realize that, too.

Below are some of the cars available now and ready to be your next project!

Subaru Wagon

We can turn this Subaru WRX Wagon into a rally car, drag car (the one pictured ran under 11 seconds), time attack, daily driver or whatever you would like.

Classic Mini Cooper

Channel your inner Timo Mäkinen or Paddy Hopkirk and turn a classic Mini Cooper into a rally car or just a really cool daily driver.

Audi Quattros

We are known for building and racing Audis, so why not let us build you one.

Other Cars Available

We have other cars available too, to build whatever your heart desires. Mud machine, ice racer, track car, daily driver and of course rally, we can get it done for you.